In this section I will put up various articles of professional reading relating to teaching and learning

This article challenges school and subject leaders to 'get on board' the technology boat.

School Leaders  Technology.docxSchool Leaders Technology.docx

Here is an interesting and amusing list of how things could look for us in 2015

25 signs for 2015.docx25 signs for 2015.docx

Here is the powerpoint I showed and the 2 readings from Chris McMaster that I used as the basis for my presentation on 29 July

This is a summary of an ERO publication on effective teaching with some reflective questions for us all to consider.

Headings include - student achievement and progress, teaching practices, teacher development, safety and inclusion and working in partnership

Here is a list of 10 characteristics of highly effective learning environments for us to ponder

A series of information sheets to help staff prepare for the ERO visit from 16th - 27th June

A series of articles and resources focussing on raising student achievement