This section holds material about using technology in learning. I will be placing articles that I find and may put some of my own ideas in for good measure.

It is possible that you may not agree with what is put in here. Your feedback and dicussion is encouraged.

Hopefully too, it will be a place where you will also be willing to shgare you thoughts and ideas.

There is information in this area that might helo you do basic trouble shooting in the classroom

Millenials and Using Social Media in Your Teaching

Social Media .... Facebook, Twitter and more .......

Do you? Should you? Could You? Will You? use Social Media and in your teaching programme?

Many teachers areound the world and in New Zealand incorporate this into their teaching and learning.

Do we have a choice? Smart buinesses are gearing up for this new generation of connected youth. They see potential in tapping into the communication and spending habits of this new millenial generation. As educators, can we ignore it?