Welcome brave souls who want to take on Scholarship Economics. 

I will put all the resources I can to help you here however best things is to firstly make sure you are an Excellence at all the standards at level 3.

The Economics Scholarship Exam has 3 parts:

A- Microeconomic Theory.  Incl: Marginal Analysis, Allocative Efficiency & Elasticity. 

B - Market Failure.  Incl: Natural Monopolies, Externalities, Public Goods, Demerit & Merit Goods, Income Inequality.

C- Macroeconomics.  Incl:  Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply, Business Cycle, Exchange Rates - S & D, TOT, TWI, Balance of Payments (Current Account & Financial Account), Fiscal Multiplier, Trade Policies, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Circular Flow

Basically Scholarship is an amalgamation of Year 12 & 13 Economics.